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Estate planning allows you to make informed decisions about the control and transfer of your wealth. Our solicitors can assist you with the preparation of your will so you can have peace of mind that your estate will be administered in a manner you desire after you pass away.

There are many issues to consider when preparing your estate plan. Some of these issues include:

      • Choosing an appropriate executor of your estate and trustees of trusts established by your will.

      • Drafting your will with or without trusts, in order to effectively transfer your assets to your chosen beneficiaries.

      • Understanding the nature and make up of your estate.

      • Appointing appropriate attorneys to act for you in making important lifestyle and financial decisions.

Meredith Lawyers are able to assist you in implementing your estate plan, acting for your chosen executors in the administration of your estate, and if necessary, acting for your executors in any dispute resolution regarding your estate.

Our wills are reasonably priced, and they can be prepared at a discounted fee if you are already a family law client of the firm.

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