Pre-Nuptial Agreements (or Pre-Separation Financial Agreements)

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What is a Pre-Separation Financial Agreement?

A pre-nuptial agreement can play an important role in protecting the assets of both parties in a marriage or de facto relationship, as it allows them to outline arrangements for financial settlement, should their relationship ever break down. At Meredith Lawyers we approach these matters with fairness, respect and sensitivity and it is our mission to best inform you on your rights and responsibilities in these agreements.

This type of financial agreement, parties can agree on how their property will be divided between them should they ever wish to separate. Entering a pre-nuptial agreement saves both parties time, money, heartache, and the effort of going to court because they have already agreed how their assets should be divided between them.

If parties never separate, the main clauses of the financial agreement would never be engaged. Some clients desire the certainty of knowing what would happen to their property if the relationship was to come to an end, even if it never does.

Whether a pre-separation financial agreement is suitable to your circumstance, one of the issues our lawyers can discuss with you, as well as what form of property division the financial agreement would propose.

For a pre-nuptial agreement to be a valid and legally binding document, both parties must seek professional legal advice on the agreement. Our solicitors can draft and execute these documents for you, ensuring they comply with relevant legislation.

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