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Parenting Arrangements

Parenting arrangements can be the most critical and sensitive issues to be resolved following separation, and it is almost always preferable that both parties come to an agreement that is in the best interests of their children. The welfare of children in the context of a separation can depend on many factors, but the time they spend with each of their parents is a critical component to their wellbeing. If a child is prevented from spending time with one of their parents, this can be detrimental to their relationship with their parent, and consequently their wellbeing.

Factors such as where the child will live, holiday arrangements, school and extracurricular arrangements, and financial support must also be taken into consideration when creating parenting arrangements.

When coming to an agreement on parenting arrangements, it is important that you and your former partner resolve issues quickly and amicably. The family court lawyers team at Meredith Lawyers are knowledgeable, experienced and passionate, and they’re here to help you through disputes to ensure the best possible outcome for your children.

What is the best way to formalise an agreement about parenting arrangements?

Parents can resolve issues relating to the care of the children between themselves, or with the assistance of a mediator. If both parties are satisfied with their mutual arrangement, this can be formalised by a parenting plan or consent orders. Minimal intervention will be required from lawyers if each of the parents abide by their agreement and are willing to be flexible as needed. They will only need to seek the help of a lawyer in the preparation of an application for consent orders.

When parents cannot reach an agreement for their parenting arrangements, legal steps might be required to progress the dispute towards resolution.

Our firm has been providing advice and representation on parenting disputes since it was established in 2007. Our approach is to explore every avenue open to each party in order to resolve parenting matters without commencing court proceedings, while being ready to do so if required.

What happens if we can’t agree on parenting?

It is possible that both parties may appear to be at an impasse on a particular issue when formulating parenting arrangements. At that stage it is important to take a step back and consider all issues on the table, whether you are prepared to compromise and to what extent, and carefully consider what would be the likely costs of litigation both in time and money.

If litigation is inevitable, Meredith Lawyers will prepare and press your application for parenting orders vigorously while always looking for opportunities to settle as the matter progresses. If the dispute proceeds to trial, your case will be carefully prepared and advocated by our principal David Meredith or by one of our preferred barristers, as required or preferred by our client.

Parenting disputes are costly not only in fees, but also in the personal and emotional toll our clients will inevitably experience if they are required to pursue their case through the court system. It is imperative that our clients are fully aware of the nature of child related proceedings in the Family Court before they give final instructions to proceed.

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