Lost your driver’s licence?

August 5, 2023
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If your driver’s licence has been disqualified by a Court you may be eligible to apply for an Extraordinary Driver’s Licence.  You cannot apply if you are still subject to an immediate disqualification from the Police, if you are suspended because of demerit points or if you are fines suspended.

Waiting periods apply depending on the nature of the offence and your previous history.

You are only eligible for an extraordinary licence if you can prove to the Court that without it, one of the following apply:

  • you would be deprived of your principal means of obtaining an income and that would place an undue burden on you or your family
  • you or a family member would have no practicable means of travelling to and from work
  • you would be deprived of your only means of obtaining urgent medical treatment for an illness, disease or disability suffered by you or a member of your family

You will be required to provide evidence of the above.  The Court will also consider a number of factors including your previous traffic history, your character, the circumstances of the offence and your conduct since you were disqualified.

If your application is successful, the Court can attach any condition to your extraordinary licence but the usual conditions would limit the days, times, purposes, place and type of vehicle you can drive.  It is important to note that it is not an unrestricted licence to drive.

We can assist you in preparing the documentation for your Court hearing and represent you in Court.  We offer a fixed fee in the Perth Metropolitan area.  Please call us on 1300 537 306 to make an appointment now.

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